Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Photo Blogging

I've been avoiding the camera of late, and it's not a good idea. I need a hobby. I particularly need the pursuit of something that's difficult for me. (I don't exactly get photography on some intrinsic level.) But it's been so gray and cold. In the winter here, everything eventually turns the same color and the floors and the cars and your shoes and the cuffs of your pants are coated in a sandy, salty slush that I can't feel entranced with no matter how hard I try. I only ever associate it with the in-between moments, when the world can't quite be so snowy that you must stay inside but also can't quite get off its lazy ass and bring on spring.

I know, of course, that under all the snow and slush and sand and salt and dirt and ice and really disgusting mess, the world is actually doing quite a bit of work to make a nice spring for me. Right now, I don't really care. I'm impatient. I'm ready. I've been cold plenty long.

So I haven't been exactly inspired to pull out the camera and capture the moment. I'm stuck in a "move it along, nothing to see" mentality. But then the other day, I noticed they'd brought in tulips to my local grocery, and I decided that I needed some. So I've been having my own little love affair with these little flowers. They made me a promise. They promised I'd feel better about things soon enough. I'll fall for anything that can make me that promise right now.


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