Thursday, September 14, 2006

Friday Photo Blogging

My current location Elsewhere makes it impossible to Friday Blog my own photos this week, so I thought I'd link to my favorites from this week's postings on a few photo blogs:

Here's one from Photojenic: Lots of Lillies is another stunning example of the way the photos on this site capture light in a way closer to the way I see it than any other photos I've seen. I'd love to say something profound about it, but I'm left sort of muttering freakin' brilliant to myself over and over.

LB Imaging is having a banner week. I've been having a hell of a time picking an image to link to. My imagination has been captured by his images of the ghost town at Bannack State Park in Montana (a series of photos that starts with this brilliant shot). But twice this week the site has taken my breath away with that sharp pang of recognition that comes from a photo that reminds you of home. Both Orange and Sunset Reflected made me homesick.

Finally, Kathleen Connally has captured the feeling of both flying and feeling rooted to the absolute miracles of earth in her Puddle Jumping with Morning Glory and has returned (thank goodness!) from a long absence with Spanish Window.



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