Sunday, November 05, 2006

Birthday Bug

Though I don't intend to blog about my dog all that often (he doesn't need to be the center of everything in my life), today is his seventh birthday, and so I'm making an exception. So:

A List Reasons I Love My Dog

1. He usually sleeps with his nose tucked under my leg.
2. When he lifts his head up from a nap, his face stays all flat on one side and he looks so surprised to not be sleeping anymore.
3. That smile he gets on his face when he is running uninhibited through a field, like he's flying even though all four paws are on the ground. I take more joy in his joy than I can possibly express.
4. He thinks he's a lap dog, even though he weighs 70 pounds.
5. He's so smart, I'm lucky he can't talk back.
6. He plays like it is serious business.
7. All he cares about in the world is playing outdoors, eating good food, and loving me.
8. He'd die for me given the chance.
9. He comes to sit with me when I'm sad.
10. He's mine and we both know it.
11. I'm his and we both know it.
12. He still sucks in his sleep like he's nursing.
13. When he plays "put a body part in my mouth" with me, he never bites down, and he makes funny sounds that make me laugh so hard I can't stop.
14. I get so many wonderful things from him, I could type this list all night and never run out of inspiration.


Blogger mak506 said...

Happy Birthday, Bug! Here's wishing you lots of scritches, treats, running, and snuggly time with your Mommy in the next year.

6:41 AM  

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